Some of the most important elements to consider when choosing carpet are:

  • What “look” do you want? Carpet comes in a wide array of looks from inspiring looks, natural looks to graphic designs. What look are you trying to achieve? Do you want your room to feel serene and calming or do you want it to make a statement?
  • What room will it be in?
  • Consider the amount of foot traffic that the carpet will be exposed to. Different types of construction work well for a variety of traffic issues.
    Do you have an active household? Children and pets should be considered when deciding on the appropriate carpet.

Answering these question will not only help you in your color decisions, but also in the type of carpet construction you use. Darker colored carpets or multi-colored or patterned carpets (compared to solid colored lighter carpets) are especially effective in hiding soil. Performance of the carpet is related to the amount and quality of fibers in the pile. The better the fiber and denser it is packed, the better the carpet’s performance. More advanced carpets help prevent spills or pet accidents from seeping through to your baseboard. You should seek to buy the highest quality carpet that you can afford.

Color appearance can vary depending upon the type of light under which a sample is viewed and the light sources where the carpet is installed. You should request samples to take home and view at your residence under as many different light conditions as possible prior to making your final decision.

After you think you’ve found the best performing carpet according to your needs, come in to your local CarpetsPlus COLORTILE where we will answer any and all of your questions!

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