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Throughout its history, carpet has been shunned as an option that’s easy to stain and difficult to clean. Unfortunately, this stigma has stuck around even as newer carpet has become resistant to the worst of stains: pet accidents. But just what is it that makes carpet pet-friendly, and what features should you look for? We’ll briefly discuss that here.

R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance

Stage Right pet-friendly carpet

R2X® is one of many stain resistant treatment solutions applied during the manufacturing of carpet. Unlike conventional treatments, R2X® protects more than just the surface of carpet; it penetrates into the fibers to provide complete protection from pet stains and soiling. Even better, the treatment is designed to preserve the softness of carpet after it’s applied.


Zooey light gray pet protect carpet

Similar to R2X®, Pet Protect™ by STAINMASTER® is a carpet treatment solution designed to protect against pet stains. Even better, Pet Protect™ is designed to easily release pet fur when the carpet is vacuumed. The full Pet Protect™ carpet and cushion system also prevents fluids from reaching the subfloor.

Nylon And Beyond

Yearling patterned pet friendly carpet

Carpet fibers come in a variety of materials, but nylon consistently outperforms them all. In fact, nylon works so well that some manufacturers have added their own take on it. Shaw’s Anso Nylon carpet is a great example that features anti-soil technology. It’s treated with R2X® and features SoftBac Platinum, a specialized backing system designed to resist both pet stains and wrinkling.

Both nylon and Anso Nylon are exceptionally durable. This is especially important for pets with claws. In fact, many nylon carpet options (and all Anson Nylon carpet) feature a lifetime transferable warranty against damage from pets.

SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ Fiber

Otis brown pet friendly carpet

Carpet floors are all about comfort; it’s the reason they’re often chosen over hard surface flooring. If you want a pet-friendly option that maintains its comfort, it’s hard to beat SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ fiber. This fiber, frequently offered as a silk option, is one of the softest carpet fibers available – and still manages to maintain exceptional stain resistance.

The Happy Pets Performance Promise

Happy Pets Carpet-Flooring Pet Destination Logo

Any flooring options featuring our Happy Pets logo is guaranteed to offer lifetime pet stain protection, release more pet fur and repel stains. Even better, all of our Happy Pets carpet is designed to resist pet odor absorption! Just look for the logo above.

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If you’re ready to make an informed choice, visit Columbia City’s premier flooring experts at Aumsbaugh Flooring today! You can also browse all of our pet-friendly selections in our Pet Protect Destination.