Through extensive research and testing, there have been several factors determined identifying vacuum cleaners that work most effectively on these luxurious, plush carpets that we have today.
These vacuums share a number of the following characteristics:

Adjustable height brush roll: A manual height adjustment allows the user to accurately set the height of the brushing action to the proper level for both better cleaning and mobility.

Light weight: A lighter weight vacuum will exert less weight in hand, will not sink as deeply into the carpet’s surface, and will thus be easier to maneuver.

Adequate wheel size: A large enough wheel size will help the vacuuming head stay at the proper height and not sink into the face fibers.

Adjustable motor speed: An adjustable motor will often times lower the speed of the brush roll, allowing both easier operation as well as gentler cleaning on the carpet fibers. Optional brush roll control: On loop products, it is recommended to disengage the brush roll action on vacuums with this feature to avoid excessive damage to the fibers. For ultra-high pile carpets, it may also be necessary to disengage the brush roll as the long fiber’s may entangle in the brush roll, causing damage to both the carpet and the vacuum.Will I need to purchase a new vacuum for us on my carpet? To verify that your vacuum will work well, test it in an inconspicuous area, such as a closet, or on a scrap piece left over from the installation. If the vacuum has any of the features mentioned above, use them as recommended and see if the machine moves easily across the carpet’s surface. Examine the test area carefully to determine if any abrasion of the fibers has occurred. If the vacuum can be maneuvered easily and no abrasive damage is seen, sprinkle some dry dirt or other small pieces of debris and see if they are efficiently removed by your vacuum.

Of course, a quality vacuum cleaner that works effectively will only benefit you by extending the life of your carpet by keeping it looking newer, longer. Many of the vacuums on the market today that have been shown to effectively clean premium soft carpets range from $50 to $400.

Here is a just a sample of some recommended vacuums from Shaw and Mohawk:

  • Dirt Devil Windtunnel UD70115
  • Eureka Airspeed AS5203A
  • Hoover Windtunnel UH70120
  • Oreck Quest Pro Canister

(According to Mohawk’s recommendations, use caution if you have a Dyson. Most Dyson models are not well suited for premium soft pile carpets. Dyson vacuums have particularly strong and focused suction and most often have no manual height adjustment. On high-pile carpets, this focused suction tends to pull the carpet deep into the machine, making the vacuum very difficult to use. Furthermore, the carpet pile is engaged in aggressive contact with the beater bar, possibly resulting in damage to the carpet.)

Hope this information helps. Happy sweeping!

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