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With so many solutions to clean stains out of floors, we often forget to see how we can prevent them in the first place.  And with the snowy seasons just a few months away for Whitley County, flooring of all types will be put to the test for their stain resistance. Fortunately, there are many options across all types of flooring designed to resist even the toughest of stains. So if you’re considering new flooring options for your home, here are a few features to look for that’ll help your flooring last through the winter months ahead.

Stain Resistant Carpet

The history of carpet has been plagued by stains. It has earned a reputation as being one of the most difficult flooring types to clean and maintain, often leading homeowners to forego its many benefits and choose a hard surface option instead. Carpet manufacturers have taken note and developed newer technologies to overcome this problem. For example, R2X is a stain and soil resistance system that protects carpet at the fiber level. And after gaining accolades in 2001 for its ability to protect carpet from stains, it has since benefited from newer innovations over the 17 years that have followed. Needless to say, carpet is easier to clean and more stain resistant than ever.  So while the stigma remains, the difficulty in cleaning carpet is long gone.

Stain Resistant Hardwood

Scuffs are the “deep stains” of hardwood flooring. They are easy to make, difficult to cover and virtually impossible to remove. Fortunately, many of our hardwood flooring selections are manufactured with ScufResist Platinum. This finish is designed to protect floors from scruffs and scrapes of all shapes and sizes. And it’s not a temporary solution that must be reapplied; ScrufResist Platinum is designed for the years to come an include a warranty to back it. You’ll find it on several of our top hardwood flooring selections, including Chancel Oak and Brilliant Ash.

Additional finishes, such as the Durashield Finish (found on Benchmark Scraped Hickory, among others), also provides protection from wear and stains – all while preventing the need for waxing, even in the long run.

Stain Resistant Vinyl

In recent years, vinyl flooring has received accolades for its style options, durability and inherent stain resistance. Many selections of vinyl feature an additional protective layer that improves its stain resistance even further: the ArmourBead™ Finish. This wear layer offers 5 times the durability of the typical polyurethane finish. You can find it on such selections as Superia HD Plus.

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