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Traditionally, carpet has been easy to soil and difficult to clean. Those suffering from allergies and asthma often avoid carpet, and even the slightest spill means dropping everything to clean it. Chester is a carpet line that is changing this. Not only is it easy to clean, it also helps keep itself clean. We’ll briefly explore its benefits here.

Stainmaster® Superia SD Nylon 6,6 Fiber

Nylon is the top performing carpet fiber in terms of durability. It’s designed to resist crushing, fading and fraying, every after years of heavy traffic. Superia SD nylon 6,6 fiber is designed to enhance this durability even more. It is one of the longest-lasting carpet lines available. It is also backed by a number of lifetime warranties.

Softness and Comfort

Chester incorporates Superia SD to improve both style and comfort. It is made of nylon, a soft fiber that helps improve r-value (the measure of a room’s insulation). The fiber’s softness is often compared to silk. It features a suede-like texture and includes patterned textures that you can feel.

Style and Colors

Chester is one of the most beautiful carpet selections in our Pet Friendly destination. Its textured shapes perfectly reflect the popular pattern trend. These patterns are available in several shades of grays and browns mixed with black and white. These hues match a variety of interior design configurations.

Solutions died (SD) is a manufacturing process that melts the materials used to create the carpet, then blending the dyes in the liquid state. In other words, the color is actually infused into the fabric itself, rather than surrounding the outside. This means that Chester (and other SD carpets) will maintain its color even after wearing. Not that you really have to worry about it wearing, as we previously discussed.


The fibers of Chester are designed to repel water rather than absorb it. Spend less time cleaning since spills can be wiped, rather than soaked, away. The backing itself is also waterproof. So, spills will never soak through to the subfloor.

Pet Friendly

Given its durability, versatility and stain resistance, Chester is an obvious choice for pets. In fact, it’s one of the premier collections in our Pet Friendly destination. Odors are reduced since the carpet repels absorption. It also releases pet fur and dander more easily.


As a testament to its stain, moisture and wearing resistance, Chester includes the following lifetime warranties:

  • Lifetime Pet Stain Resistance
  • Fade Resistance Warranty
  • Up to 20 Year Wear, Fade & Texture Retention

Additionally, 10 year warranties cover texture retention and manufacturing defects.

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Chester is just one of several carpet selections included in our Pet Friendly Destination.