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When we think of carpet, it’s pretty easy to guess what comes to mind. On the surface, it doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years. But at its core, everything about carpet has changed. Plus, we’re seeing more styles available than ever before (making that typical mental image a bit outdated). Here are a few reasons to take a fresh look at modern carpet flooring.

Modern Carpet is Easier to Clean Than Ever

As we’ve discussed before, there are a variety of newer technologies that make carpet easier to clean and maintain. With modern carpet, it’s a matter of removing spills, dirt and dander from between fibers rather than within them. This is made possible by contemporary features like R2X® Stain & Soil Resistance, a treatment that repels spills and fine particles. So if selections like Canter leave you hesitant to purchase brightly-colored carpet, rest assured that its ease of cleaning rivals that of hard surface flooring.

It Can Help Filter Your Home’s Air

Throughout its history, carpet earned a bad reputation as contributing to an unhealthy home. It’s been blamed for agitating allergies and asthma. Unfortunately, this stigma still remains for modern carpet flooring, where it couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s true that what must goes up must come down, even with fine particles. Eventually, much of the dust, pollution and dander you see flying around in isolated rays of light will fall back to your flooring. If you have carpet, these particles will become trapped by its fibers. With the technologies referenced earlier, they can be removed with ease by vacuuming. Just remember to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent particles from reentering the air. Also, remember that it’s best to vacuum at least once per week, or after hosting an even that results in a lot of foot traffic.

Waterproof Backing

So we’ve talked about the fibers, but what happens when spills reach the backing? They stay right where they are. LifeGuard® and similar carpet backing now feature a completely waterproof design. This means that spills remain above the carpet’s surface until they can be wiped away. No more soaking through the backing and into the subfloor. And since spills aren’t actually soaking into the backing (or the fibers) they’re much easier to wipe away and won’t contribute to mold growth.

More Carpet Styles and Patterns

We’ve noticed that patterns have been trending with flooring and interior design – as has the artisan look. Despite the traditional, monotonous view that most of us attribute to carpet, modern selections offer both styles in a variety of tones and colors.

Anso Nylon Fiber

For some time now, nylon has served as the superior fiber. But as with all things, modern carpet flooring innovations have improved this even further. With anso nylon, carpet wear is essentially a thing of the past, even in high traffic areas. Each individual fiber is crafted using an engineering process that prevents it from splitting – and makes it more stain-resistant than any other material. Anso nylon appears identical to other carpet fibers, though it is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Crush Resistance

Few things will ruin a room’s flow more than traffic patterns appearing in its carpet. Many of our carpet lines are designed to resist both crushing and wear. And these features aren’t limited to the flat, single-colored selections; see it in action with such stylish carpet as Reprise.

Pet Friendly

One of the biggest takeaways from the features that we’ve discussed is that modern carpet flooring is pet friendly! This is actually a big development for what has often been considered the least pet friendly flooring type available. In fact, carpet now outperforms any hardwood selections.

Learn More

We’ve covered quite a bit about modern carpet flooring, but it’s not something that can just be seen or read about; it has to be experienced. We invite you to visit Aumsbaugh Flooring in Columbia City to try it for yourself. While here, you’ll also find Indiana’s premiere team of flooring experts ready to help you make an informed choice.