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We’re all looking for ways to keep our homes cleaner right now, but did you know that your floors can play an important role? Your flooring can play a direct role with air quality, bacterial growth, and even the presence of mold. Fortunately, there is one flooring option that can cover each of these problems and still offer exceptional style: Microban carpet. We’ll quickly discuss what sets it apart here.

What is Microban?

Affirmation Microban carpet in a bedroom

Microban is a rising name among cleaning agents. It’s designed to kill all types of microbial, including viruses, bacteria, mold, pathogens, and allergens. It’s also designed to work on a variety of surfaces. Although Microban can be purchased in stores as a spray, it’s also available as a treatment applied during manufacturing.

Carpet that Fights Bacteria

Effervescent artisan Microban carpet in a living room

What does that mean as a carpet treatment? After all, the areas between carpet fibers are known hot-spots for germs. But with Microban, your floors will naturally prevent bacterial growth. It’s still important to vacuum weekly and have carpet professionally cleaned every 18 months, but Microban will keep carpet fresh between cleanings.

Cleaner Air with Microban Carpet

Jaunty patterned Microban carpet in a modern living room

We often think that carpet is detrimental to indoor air quality. Actually, the opposite is true: Microban carpet can help filter your home’s air.

When dirt, dust, and allergens eventually settle, they become trapped under the fibers. This prevent this from getting kicked back into the air, even after heavy traffic. This is the opposite effect of hard surface floors, which keep particles circulating through the air with regular traffic. Just remember to vacuum weekly to prevent a buildup. Also, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent fine particles from reentering the air.

Carpet that Prevents Mold

Mesmerizing Microban carpet with intricate patterns in a living room

Since Microban acts as an antimicrobial agent, it’s probably no surprise that its fibers and backing prevent mold and mildew growth. But the protection doesn’t stop there.

Every carpet in our Clean Home collection includes a waterproof backing. This means that spills will never reach the subfloor, even if they aren’t cleaned right away. You’ll never have to  worry about moisture become trapped under your carpet, which is one of the most common sources of mold and mildew.

Protection that Lasts

Peppy artisan Microban carpet under a sofa

Unlike some carpet treatments, Microban is built to last the life of the carpet. It’s protected by a lifetime warranty that guarantees germ-fighting protection as long as the carpet remains in your home. Just remember to vacuum weekly and have your carpet professionally cleaned every 18 months.

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