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Hardwood certainly isn’t new to the flooring scene, but recent innovations in both style and performance are leading to new trends from a timeless classic. Here, we’ll take a quick look at a few of the top hardwood flooring trends taking interior design by storm.

Always Relevant

Trends come and go, but your hardwood flooring doesn’t need to be replaced to remain relevant. Many hardwood selections are designed to be refinished time and again over the years. This allows small changes in the color and the application of newer, more protective treatments.

Another benefit of refinishing: the hand scraped look is making a comeback! This follows a broader trend celebrating the rustic aesthetic. It also offers an opportunity to add a personal touch to your room’s design.

Gray Becoming Common

Waterrock Knob gray hardwood flooring room scene

For a few years now, the introduction of gray into the hardwood flooring arena has been an exciting trend. But as the aesthetic becomes more common and less unique, we’re seeing it slowly fade from the spotlight. Don’t get us wrong: it’s still a popular choice, especially as a foundation for your room’s style. However, if your goal is a unique vibe, you may want to consider the following trend instead.

Colors: Going to Extremes

Example of dark hardwood flooring used in a kitchen

The darkest and lightest shades of color are gaining traction in 2019. This doesn’t necessarily mean white and black flooring, though these colors shouldn’t be ruled out. By selecting an extreme tone, you can choose decor that either reflects or contrasts your flooring: both yield stunning results. For examples, check out the room scenes for our Renowned Courtship and Scoured Hickory selections.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Stately Appeal engineered oak hardwood room scene

Hardwood flooring trends are about more than style and aesthetic appeal: performance is also an important consideration. That’s why we’ve seen a spike in the popularity of engineered hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring has been a popular choice for centuries, but it does suffer from a few fairly overlooked setbacks. For one, solid hardwood flooring is prone to moisture absorption. So spills that aren’t cleaned right away can soak into the panels themselves, eventually causing them to expand. This is also a common problem in some areas experiencing high humidity.

And then there’s the extreme temperature shifts brought by seasonal changes. Solid hardwood panels tend to expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall, eventually causing them to warp or buckle. The impact is so common that it can even be seen in areas of the room that receive more sunlight.

Fortunately, engineered hardwood is a modern solution to these age-old problems. It’s still composed of real wood, but each panel is engineered with a layered design featuring a core designed for stability. It’s then topped with a finish that resists scratches and dents. So, environmental shifts, spills and even excited pets will no longer prove problematic for your flooring. And thanks to its core, engineered hardwood flooring typically lasts much longer than solid.

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